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PPS is the leading organization worldwide dedicated to growing the pricing professional globally and disseminating pricing expertise throughout the world. We strive to make our membership program the most valuable investment in your pricing arsenal, ensuring you always stay ahead in the pricing industry. 

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 DISCOUNTS - Members receive special discounts to ALL things offered by PPS.

 EDUCATION/TRAINING - We have a compelling curriculum of Online Pricing Courses, Conferences, and Virtual Summits. With our flexible pricing training options, you can get the education you need on a schedule that works for you!

CERTIFICATIONS - Earn your continuing education credits to CPA. We also offer certifications in pricing featuring our CPP & CPE programs.

PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING - Network with like-minded professionals one of our annual conferences or by joining the group on LinkedIn*COMING SOON* Members only community forum that will allow you to discuss all things pricing. 

PUBLICATIONS - Access to Monthly Newsletter & Quarterly Journal.

MEMBERS ONLY BLOG - Access to 1,000+ pricing articles. If you'd like to share your content, that option is available.

WEEKLY PRICING SHARE - Every Friday you will receive an email with current free & paid options of pricing content.

CAREER RESOURCES - Post an open position or look for a new position within our career center.

*New Benefits Coming Soon*

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